2019 Championship Qualifiers
If you've played at least 6 rounds with us this season, your name will be listed here. The more rounds you play, the less you'll pay for your 2019 Championsip entry!
Get those rounds in, Players!
Ayers, Darrel
Baker, Dennis
Baker, Jeff
Berroyer, Pete
Boza, Zak​
Chepren, Greg
Clark, Ted
Collona, Brett
Dalton, Kent
​Daly, James
Darr, Justin
Dawson, Sean
Griffith, Mike
Hanrahan, Mike
​Hatch, Billy
Johnson, Gary

Jenkinson, Paul
Kapes, Mike
Lincoln, Ryan
Little, Kyle
McConnell, Jeff
Mitchell, Justin​​
Pence, Donnie​​
Robbins, Russ
Roof, Crystal
​Taylor, Stephen
Waldo, Bruce​
​Wasser, Brett

6-12 Rounds

$20.00 Entry

Bishop, Darrin
Briddon, Jeremy
Hamilton, Jimi
Hasson, Billy
Herrera, Jose
​Moorehouse, Dryw
Mosley, Elkin
Mosley, Tammy
​Nilsen, Gary
Olivas, Louis
​Pruitt, Matt
​Racette, Charles​
Renner, Zach​
Sargent, Joel
Strickland, Dale
​Virginiak, Mason
​Wiggs, Lindsey

13-17 Rounds

$10.00 Entry

Adams, Blaine
Hester, Rob
​Lincoln, Cal​
Pod, Marty
Renner, Deb
​Robert, Tim


18+ Rounds

FREE Entry