Bogey Free Bags
For inquiries, please email Cal Lincoln at
What are Bogey Free Bags??
Bogey Free Bags, also known as BFB's, are a must have for any avid disc golfer. They are made to keep hands dry & help you get a firm grip on your disc in any weather condition. We use clay base material that is great for getting rid of moisture & provides you with the confidence of having control of your drive, putt or approach.

They can be kept any where in your bag & won't cause a mess due to powder escaping & covering your discs like other rosin bags. The more you crush it up the more powder you get. BFB's can also recover from getting totally soaked from rainy rounds or dropping it on the ground where water has built up. All you have to do is let it sit out in the sun a day or two and it dries back to it's powdery state.
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  4. Chainhawks Disc Golf Club
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How do I place a custom order?
We have been making bags for 10 years & we have been creating custom stamps for your bags for the last 4 years.

Send an email to Cal at including:
- Your logo (in png, jpeg, or PDF format)
- Amount of bags you need (must be ordered in 25 bag increments)
- When you need your bags (we need at least 30 days)

We will get back to you as soon as possible with a mock up of your bag design and any other questions or inquiries we might to fulfill your order.

See the FAQ's below to help answer any other questions. If you don't see your question, inquire with us by using the email address above.
25       = $3.25 per + shipping
50       = $3.00 per + shipping
75       = $2.75 per + shipping
100    = $2.50 per + shipping
150+ = $2.25 per + shipping
$20.00 per 50 bags
We usually ship via USPS priority
to ensure you receive them in a timely manner. Unless you have an account via UPS, FED EX or DHL, etc
**inquire for international shipping
Other Frequently Asked Questions!
When will I recieve my order?
Depending on the size of your order we can usually get them to you within 20 business days from the time of us completing the ordering process. We like to give it 30 days because of possible issues with shipping and how busy our print guy is, but we have yet to exhaust all 30 days since we have been doing them unless we are doing international shipping or you order an amount like 400+ bags, etc..

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! Please inquire with us personally for a quote.

Is there a set up cost & do I get full color?
You can do one logo per side if you choose, no cost for set up and you get full color printing. Also if you would like, you can do different back ground colors as well with different logos.

What does my logo need to look like?
We prefer you send us your logo with no background in a png, jpeg or pdf format. From there, your options are retty much limitless, so be creative as possible to take advantage of our service and make it work for you in the best possible manner.

Is there a minimim order?
Yes, we have a minimum order of 25 bags.
Please be aware that what ever you order has to be done in 25 bag increments.  Example: If you order 100, you can do 4 different layouts at 25 per or do 2 different layouts at 50 per etc.