Meet The Team

Cal Lincoln
Founder and Director
Cam Lincoln is a sponsored pro athlete with Disc Golf Association (DGA). He has been playing his entire life, turned Pro at the age of 14 & was picked up by DGA the following year. When Cam isn't traveling for tournaments, you'll always see him playing & supporting Players League.
Cal has been playing disc golf for over 20 years. He has traveled, ran tournaments, and played among the best of the best in the sport. Cal has been an advocate for the sport for many years, starting by introducing disc golf to his 3 children, Brittany, Cameron, & Ryan Lincoln.

He started this league with the goal of focusing on the Players. He took into consideration what was missing from the leagues he's been part of over his 2 decades of game play and asked the Players what they wanted. With this in mind, The Players Disc Golf League was created.

Ryan Lincoln
Board Member and Course Supervisor
Cameron Lincoln
Ryan plays a big role in making sure each week runs smoothly. Ryan has unique experience in running tournaments and playing the game. That expertise allows us to space out each card accordingly and keep a smooth flow to course game play. You'll always see him out at the course playing the round with you!
League Pro Representative
Marty has never missed a day of any Players League season since the beginning. You'll always see him out there helping with sign up, checking scorecards, and whatever else comes up.
Marty Podniestrzanski
Board Member
Billy Hasson
Lindsey Wiggs
Board Member
Board Member
Billy has been great help with our sign up, organization, and anything else that has come up needing assistance. Him and Marty are likely the ones that will be manning the sign up and game play when the Lincoln Clan is out town.
Lindsey has been playing disc golf for 4 years & fell in love with the sport. You'll see Lindsey out at the course helping with sign ups & results everyweek. She always brings a fun & positive attitude to the game & our team.